Webinar Recording: Nature Preschools and Documentation

This is a recording of the webinar we previously hosted in 2017. You will have access to the footage for 4 weeks on purchase.

You will have access to this recording for 4 weeks upon purchase.

How do I use a Floorbook in a Nature Preschool? How do you use Floorbooks to document children's learning and create authentic on-going assessment? How do you keep communication flowing and allow all types of personality to have their voice heard?

In this inspirational webinar, Claire will guide you through the process of promoting communication and recording through Talking and Thinking Floorbooks. She will describe how Floorbooks can be used for accountability to a curriculum. Claire will help you start on the right track, building routines of conversation early in your relationship with the children. 

Claire Warden
Claire Warden
International Consultant

About Claire

Claire’s approach to nature kindergartens has earned her international recognition as a pioneer in educational thinking. Her respect for children and families runs through the Floorbook approach that she developed. It is often used within Nature Pedagogy to incorporate children’s voices into intentional teaching. 

She is one of the world’s leading consultants and writers on the use of consultative methods in education. She also works internationally under her own name and has been widely acknowledged for her expertise. She is the author of many books and materials relating to early years methodology, including "Talking and Thinking Floorbooks", "The Potential of a Puddle", "Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools" and her latest book "Learning with Nature - Embedding Outdoor Practice."

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