Mindstretchers Recorded Webinars

Our recorded webinars will give you the inspiration you need to improve your practice.


How to create a High Quality Floorbook.

Claire will help you take your Floorbooks to the next level and explain how this differs from journaling. She will go through what you should and shouldn’t be documenting.


How do you use a Floorbook to engage infants and toddlers?

How does the Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach® differ when used with 0-2 year olds than when used with older children? What techniques should I use to engage with younger children?


Communication, Literacy and Mark Making

What is the practitioner’s role when it comes to communication, literacy and mark making? How can we help children develop their imagination and creative skills through communication, literacy and mark making?


What is the Adult Role?

How should I be interacting with children to help develop learning? What do we consider interfering to be and how can I avoid it? How can I continue to reflect upon my own practice to always improve the way that I interact with children?


Benefit Risk Assessment

How do you use Benefit Risk Assessment for different age groups? How can I involve children in risk assessment? What our recorded webinar with Kate Hookham, for all the answers.


Floorbooks and the Planning Cycle

Documentation and Planning. How do I use Floorbooks to involve children in planning their learning? How can I relate this to the curriculum? All these questions will be answered by Claire Warden.