Mindstretchers Recorded Webinars

Our recorded webinars will give you the inspiration you need to improve your practice.


How do you organise a floorbook session?

How do you involve children from the age of 0 to 12 years in planning their learning whilst still being accountable to the curriculum? Find the answer to this and more in this webinar replay


How do we light and manage fires to support children’s learning?

Why should I light a fire and demonstrate how to manage and use it with children? How does fire management link to the curriculum and learning? What are my health and safety considerations related to fire?


How do you run a Mind Mapping session?

How do you respond to or develop an interest? What are the benefits of 3D mind mapping session? How do you find connections in learning and evidence this? How does it relate Talking Tubs and Floorbooks?


Why is child initiated play important?

What is play? What are the stages and different types of play? When should adults get involved in child’s play? Why observe children at play?


How do you use a Talking Tub to stimulate talking and thinking?

How do you stimulate observation and discussion? How do you respond to an interest? What do you put in a Talking Tub to develop lines of inquiry? How do you create connections in learning?


How do I use real tools with children?

How do you choose the correct tools for your age group? What is the ‘blood bubble’ and how does it keep children safe? How do I talk to children about tools? What are the benefits of “risky play”?